Touch football:

This sport has a vast following in Australia.

The Touch football comes from Australia.This is a variant of rugby. This is a team sport played with an oval ball.

It brings into conflict two teams of eighteen players in an oval stage

The rules are very strict. They are the following:

  • The aim of the sport is to mark more goals than the opponent team.
  • To do this 6 players of a team can stop the progression of the other one simply by touching the opponent players 
  • Touches can be made on any part of the player or on the ball and are characterized by their softness.
  • Violent contacts are not authorized. 

This sport appeared in the 50s in Australia and the first competition of Touch football took place in Sydney, at the initiative of South Sydney Touch Football Association. Since then, the discipline did not stop growing and matters near about fifty federations worldwide and on all the continents today. In France, there are some clubs.

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